Optimal Connection
To Digital Marketing

Building advanced digital marketing systems,
for wide and targeted exposure in the target audience
and to create increased traffic and increase sales and revenue
This is how businesses grow today

We are engaged in building marketing systems
for businesses which are based on a unique model,
and deal with the utilization of all tools and platforms For broad,
targeted exposure and a connection between your productand the relevant customers,
To create long-term sales and transactions in large volumes!

The face of R.O.I - Royi Isschar

The founder and CEO, Royi Isschar, brings extensive experience and practical knowledge in organizations and industries,
and developed a unique model for business growth that is based on results: The Pentagon model
Royi and the team, engage in the connection between business consulting and analysis of the client’s needs,
to build marketing systems that do not depend on an advertising campaign,
and is a digital asset that creates traffic and exposure to the client’s services on a variety of platforms
For an optimal return on investment, and proven and long-term results.
Roi Issachar brings the best of his experience in managing businesses and organizations on a wide scale, both in the field of business consulting and of digital marketing,
and believes in providing a set of services based on familiarity with the client,
Analysis of the business and its characteristics,
and complete adjustment of an optimal marketing system for them.

The R.O.I. company connects leading professionals, in a variety of fields, and makes available to each client and business all the services they require, under one roof and in cooperation, for the benefit of promoting the business and in accordance with its needs.

Among the branches of our services:​

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Information Systems and Communication Solutions
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Pay Per Click (PPC)
Contect and Copywriting
Photography and Videography
Graphic Design
Websites and Digital Infrastructures

R.O.I Digital Marketing - Customized marketing systems
Based on a success model for all types of businesses and organizations

Q & A

We are sure that you know your business best, but we have often noticed that businesses do not invest the right resources in marketing and thus do not maximize their business capabilities. From in-depth knowledge and experience with a huge variety of business types, together we will build you a marketing system that will provide you with stability, peace, certainty and a significant increase in sales.

In the first three months of work, it is not possible to commit to the results, because in the first month we establish infrastructure, the second month we perform streamlining and optimization, and in the third month we see results.
After the third month when we already know your business very well, we can talk about different models that will create certainty for you with payment for actual sales (and not just leads).

True, there are many companies in the market, but it is likely that you will not find any that have the experience and business understanding that we have. What do you need? Someone who knows your world and also the digital world very well, someone who can lead you from where you are to where you want to go! A company that knows how to move while moving and find solutions for your specific business. We are a team of 9 people and we are all here for you!

We do offer a convenient payment layout as well as non-bank financing, but beyond that at the beginning of the journey it is not possible. Firstly, we see and get to know you and your business and accordingly we will try to create the optimal system for you that will generate maximum income for you with minimum expenses to create security and certainty for you to continue the process.

We oblige you to work with us for only 3 months and even that only happens because it is a process that takes time to grow and produce results. After that, you can stop at any given time and all the materials will remain in your possession with fairness and cooperation. We will never force anyone to stay with us if they don’t want to 😊

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